Benefits Of Writing a Letter

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Benefits of Writing a Letter

Writing a letter is a simple mode of communication that allows you to send messages to friends and family. Before it reaches the destination, a complete process is followed once the letter has been posted. Although the use of letters has diminished due to technological advancements, most companies prefer sending letters for official resolves.

1. Easy and fast
Drafting a letter doesn’t require any electronic device as compared to the email, meaning that pen and paper are the only tools of trade. Since everyone can read and write easily, letter writing is the most preferred option of sending personal messages. On the other hand, the receiver does not need any specific device to receive the letter.

2. Storage
Another perk of writing letters is that you can store them in your home. This way, you are not affected by power outage when you want to read mails from friends and family. Letter writing is good for those who are not yet familiar to internet facilities like the email.

3. Record keeping
Letters are important for hotels as they keep a physical record of their customers and what they need. This can help them build loyal customers. Alternatively, managers can draft a letter to arrange a meeting, give suggestions or to sign an agreement.

4. Saves time
There are numerous perks of writing letters since not everybody can access net facilities. Writing emails is time consuming because you have to address the recipient. In fact, most people find it easer to write their feelings on a piece of paper.

5. Express your feelings
Writing letters is an effective way of expressing our feelings and emotions. There is so much stuff you can write in letters that you cannot jot down in emails or fax messages.
Writing a letter is not convenient in emergency situations since it takes longer to reach its destination.

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