Benefits of Working

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workingBenefits of Working

From the day man decided to stop wandering and settle down in colonies or settlements, he has been going out to work to ensure that his family and dependents had enough food to eat. In these modern days, working is no longer limited to men and no longer do people work just for food. Whether working for a multinational or owning and managing it, work is no longer just a means for meeting basic needs of hunger, shelter, and clothing. Let’s look at some of the major benefits of working.

1.Means to fulfilling requirements:

In addition to fulfilling basic needs of hunger, clothing, and shelter, work today is necessary to earn the money required for meeting all other requirements, whether essential or luxurious. The work a person does and the salary he earns, decides the quality of his life, and the future of his children. From educating children to providing healthcare to old parents, meeting essentials and maintaining luxuries, work is what decides the ability of a man to take care of all these requirements.

2.Outlet for creativity:

Everyone has different skills, talents, knowledge, and attributes. Work is the outlet where people can use and exhibit their talents and skills productively. Using varied skills and talents enables the generation of more ideas and better solutions, which further leads to growth and development.


An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. A job is not only a means of creative outlet for man, but also ensures that their intelligence and talents are used productively and positively for common good. Working also gives a satisfaction for men that cannot be attained only be achieving basic human needs. It helps man grow beyond the basic and prove his superiority in nature.

4.Social networking:

Even the most intelligent and most talented individual cannot do all the tasks by himself. To build an organization, to build society, man needs to work as a team. Thus work brings about social interaction and networking, which further strengthens human bonding and positive growth of society.

5.Promotes continued development:

If people worked in isolation or work was a single man’s interest or task, we would not have been able to accomplish the development and advancement in these many years. Work has been more of an organization- or entity-based concept, and this has enabled generations to continue from where their forefathers left off. Otherwise, man would still be discovering making fire through each generation. Thus working as a concept promotes development and advancement through the generations.

6.Enhances individual responsibility:

Although, today people go to work as more of routine-driven, success-driven, or satisfaction-driven task, going to work in itself entails discipline and responsibility. Further, working in an organization requires accepting responsibilities, sharing responsibilities, and fulfilling responsibilities. Thus work makes individuals more responsible for their actions even in their social setup.

7.Promotes team-spirit:

An organization is filled with people from different social, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Further, the people in an organization work at different levels and share different responsibilities. Thus it is only by team work that an organization can accomplish their goals. This team work ensures positive attitude among workers, ensuring a positive social and cultural bonding that also permeates into the society.

Thus working is not just about making money, or getting job satisfaction, it also has greater benefits to the individual as well as to the society as a whole.

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