Benefits Of WordPress

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Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is a dynamic blog publishing tool that is used to manage website content through any web browser. It runs on an open source platform and it is commonly used by leading corporations and news agencies. Further below are benefits of using WordPress.

1. Simple to use

The main advantage of using WordPress is that it is very simple to use. Most people are in search of a website that they can control easily by themselves. Using a WordPress website, you can update your website whenever you want to instead of having to frequently contact web developers requesting them to alter a certain list of items. WordPress allows for the adding and editing of testimonials, blogs, news and videos in only a few minutes. If you are capable of using Microsoft Word and sending an e-mail, then using WordPress should not be difficult.

2. Inexpensive

Since WordPress typically runs on an open source platform, it is free. In addition you can get some good themes for less than $100 and you could possibly save lots of money. This is especially important in the current economic conditions where saving every dollar is vital for survival.

3. Web optimization

WordPress makes it much simpler to optimize your site through adding tags to your posts and pages. This means that your website has a high likelihood of landing on the initial page of Google outcomes. Furthermore, you can also get more traffic to your site through using WordPress.

4. Social media

Another key benefit of using WordPress is the fact that it is compatible with different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

WordPress has various demerits also and one of the main ones is that there is restricted theme customization. You can only choose from many attractive themes, but should you desire a unique theme design, you require paying.

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