Benefits Of Wool

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Benefits of Wool

Wool is a versatile fiber that provides texture, style, resilience, coolness, tenacity, drape, comfort, warmth and above all, is wrinkle recovery. Due to these unique features, wool provide superior performance as compared to other man-made materials, thus is the perfect choice guaranteed to meet your fashion needs.

1. Moisture resistant
Since wool has natural fiber and is moisture resistant, the fibers provide moisture retention without affecting the quality of the wear. Mildew and mold cannot grow on an area that is not damp. This simply means you never have to worry about growth of mildew or moisture retention on wool as it allows proper circulation.

2. Regulates temperate
You will find that warm clothes are made of wool as it contains fibers that provide warmth and comfort. The fibers prevent excess moisture and heat from the skin by creating an ideal temperature for better sleep.

3. Cardiovascular benefits
According to research done to measure the possible effects of wool fibers on a sleeping person, results showed that wool can help keep your skin drier and the studies further show that wool fibers can also lower high heart rate meaning you will enjoy sound sleep in a relaxed state longer. Some people however demonstrated elevated heart rates due to several reasons.

4. Non-allergenic
Wool is processed naturally without the application of harsh chemicals. Although only a few folks are allergic to lanolin present in wool, common hypersensitive reactions are caused either by toxic chemicals used to make bedding or wool garments. Additionally, it has a distinctive chemical structure that won’t melt or flame your skin.

5. Eco-friendly
Because wool is processed naturally without the use of harsh chemicals, it is eco-friendly as well as renewable.

No disadvantage has been reported so far but some people are allergic to clothes made of wool.

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