Benefits Of Wind Energy

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Benefits of Wind Energy

Wind turbines generate wind power which is used to make electricity , propel ships and run wind mills. It is friendly to the environment compared to other sources of energy, since no fuel is used to generate energy. Moreover, wind turbines require less space therefore land can be used for other purposes, such as agriculture.

1. Generates electricity

Wind power is typically used to generate electricity to homes and other facilities nearby without use of fossil fuel. It is extremely beneficial in windy areas since it is not affected by natural disasters. For instance, when natural disaster destroys power lines, houses using wind energy will not experience power outage.

2. Easy installation of turbines

The best thing about wind power is that turbines require less space. They are extremely beneficial when it comes to generating electricity in remote areas, such as remote countryside and mountain communities. Wind turbines typically have different sizes to support extensive populations.

3. Efficient

Although new technological improvements are essential to make wind energy more efficient, it is a reliable source of energy in remote areas simply because it is free. Moreover, wind energy can be combined with solar energy, providing a great source of energy for both developing and developed countries.

4. Free from pollution

Wind turbines do not generate any radioactive waste or pollution compared to other conventional forms of energy. Their construction has less impact on the surrounding environment, thus play a role in environment conservation.

5. Provides reliable energy

Wind power generates electricity for a large population, using powered turbines. Additionally, this kind of power generation does not in any use non-renewable resources such as oil, natural gas or coal. Therefore, it does not cause environmental harm compared to other sources of energy.

Wind turbines are vulnerable to damage when natural disasters occur, like thunderstorms due to their thin shape.

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