Benefits Of Wildfires

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Benefits of Wildfires

Wildfires are misunderstood events that are classified as natural disasters. In most cases, wildfires are difficult to control and can cause damage to property and loss of lives. Nonetheless, wildfires play an essential role in the ecosystem as they help to restore ecological integrity. Wildfires are environmental harmful and can pose serious danger when they approach the city. Conversely, suppressing wildfires can interfere with the ecosystem.

1. Encourage new plant growth
Wildfires are extremely destructive and may instill fear in homeowners. On the other hand, their distractive nature is necessary and essential for maintaining ecological balance. For starters, wildfires expose soil rich in nutrients for new plant growth. After a wildfire, plants use the rich soils and grow extremely fast. As a result, these plants provide nutrition for wildlife.

2. Creates more space
Progressively, larger trees can grow over the cleared habitat. In simple terms, larger plants gain from the burned area. Eventually, old trees minimize the growth of smaller plants or forest cover that typically grows everywhere. In the end, these trees shed leaves and lightening cause the onset of forest fires which restarts the whole process.

3. Forest management
Although pine woodlands are somehow adapted, they also experience forest fires. Hot forest fires help to remove forest litter, which in turn warm the soil. This is important because some plants require higher soil temperature to sprout. For example, Jack pine can reproduce quickly when soil temperature is higher than when it is cool.

4. Ecological revitalization and regrowth
Wildfires aid ecological revitalization and regrowth. Fire suppression can cause them to become larger and spread faster. Although fire suppression is necessary, it may increase the anticipated costs, delays and risk affecting the environmental regrowth process.
Ecological imbalance is inevitable when wildfires are controlled or suppressed. Suppression of wildfires can cause the destruction of prairie and plant nutrition.

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