Benefits Of Wild Yam

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Benefits of Wild Yam

Wild yam grows like a creeping plant in North America, Mexico and Asia and it has a great range of benefits for all people. Its rhizomes and roots are usually harvested for various medicinal preparations. Wild yam provides the body the following health benefits.

1. Antispasmodic effects

Wild yam has powerful antispasmodic effects and it is therefore assists in relaxing muscles. This particular property of the wild yam could possibly assist to offer relief from cramps that occur during menstruation. It is also beneficial against labor pains as well as other diseases that are alleviated by muscle relaxation.

2. Boosts digestion

Wild yam acts like a metabolic and digestive aid. It can assist in the treatment of gastrointestinal ailments such as gas and irritable bowel syndrome. It also assists in eradicating intestinal colic and curing gastritis. In addition, it is effective in regulating metabolism and fat burning in the body.

3. Lowers cholesterol

Consuming wild yams has beneficial effects on cholesterol levels and blood sugar. They comprise of alkaloids, which are known for reducing blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of wild yams also boosts HDL levels in the bloodstream, which plays a vital role of transporting LDL cholesterol for processing in the liver.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

Wild yam is popularly prescribed for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis due to its potent anti-inflammatory effects. It greatly aids to alleviate pain that arises due to the inflammation. This action helps to quicken the process of recovery.

5. Treats skin conditions

Creams made from an extract of wild yam are known for assisting in the treatment of certain skin ailments such as yellow skin, psoriasis, conjunctiva and eczema. Such creams are also good moisturizers.

On the other hand, when wild yam is consumed in high doses, it can cause labored breathing, rashes and even vomiting.

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