Benefits of white vinegar

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White vinegar, a household product which contains of the magic ingredient acetic acid is a product that has been commercially available for about 2500 years. As a matter of fact white vinegar is one of the oldest product in use by humans, which is produced by oxidization of alcohol into acetic acid.

White vinegar can be used for more than dozens of household applications. Chances are there that whenever you run into a household funk, white vinegar may always be your answer.

Here are some of the benefits of keeping white vinegar in your home:

1. Helps in increasing calcium absorption

Acetic acid that is found in white vinegar helps in increasing the body’s power of absorption of important minerals out of the food that we eat. It is said that drinking a mild tonic of vinegar with water just before our meals improves our body’s ability to absorb several essential minerals which are locked inside our foods. Woman who generally find a hard time getting all the calcium contents that their body needs for strengthening their bones and cure them out of bone thinning diseases like osteoporosis can use few splashes of vinegar on their greens which allows them to absorb more calcium from their foods.

2. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels

White vinegar has recently won attention for helping people to handle type 2 diabetes. It has been found that vinegar may contain certain properties that are capable of inactivating some of the digestive enzymes that break the carbohydrate content from food to sugar, thus helping in slowing the absorption level of sugar from our meals into our bloodstream. Blunting the sudden jump of sugar in our blood (which generally happens after the meals) also helps in lessening the amount of insulin that our body needs to release at one time in order to remove the sugar from our blood.

3. Helps in replacing excess sodium and unhealthy fats

Saturated fat has been shown to have a detrimental effect on our blood cholesterol levels in our body. People those who are at a risk of developing high blood pressure has also been recommended to cut back on the amount of sodium that they consume on their daily diets. Using white vinegar as a simple flavored substitute against these less healthful ingredients, does often help people to manage their blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, and thus in turn aids in warding off heart diseases and stroke.

4. Helps in making healthy diets easier to swallow

Some of the most natural diets those that are the strongest weapons against aging and cancer are vegetables and fruits. The antioxidants and phytochemicals that are found in fruits and vegetables holds real promise in lowering our risk against several types of cancers. Enhancing the flavor of the vegetables and fruits with white vinegar, often makes us eat more of them. After steaming vegetables adding a dash of white vinegar instead of adding butter or salt makes the vegetables taste really appetizing, which is also good for our health.

5. Add flavor not calories

Vinegar contains very few calories. So if we are looking for losing weight using white vinegar instead of mayonnaise wherever we can often help us in making a serious dent in our calorie and fat intake.

In a nutshell, white vinegar is much more like other lifestyle adjustment drugs and therapies that we use in our battle against common and chronic diseases. So in order to prevent and treat diseases, and lead a healthy lifestyle, white vinegar is one common household kitchen product that you will certainly enjoy incorporating into your life.

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