Benefits Of Water Fasting

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Benefits of Water Fasting

Water fasting is a great method of cleansing and detoxifying the body. Different from vegetable or fruit juice fasting, water fasting does not involve the digestion of any nutrients or calories. The following are benefits of water fasting.

1. Cleanses the body

As earlier mentioned, water fasting is highly beneficial in cleansing the body. Through drinking water only when fasting, all the accumulated chemicals, toxins and wastes are eliminated from cells, organs and other tissues. This lowers the incidence of most diseases caused by buildup of pathogens like viruses and bacteria in the body.

2. Cardiovascular benefits

Water fasting benefits the cardiovascular system through increasing levels of HDL cholesterol, which lessens triglycerides and cholesterol in general. This prevents the damage of arteries that is typically caused by accumulation of cholesterol. It also boosts blood circulation throughout the body.

3. Fights cancer

Scientists believe that once the body stops getting regular input of chemically or processed foods during water fasting, it starts to heal itself. It effectively destroys free radicals, microscopic tumors and also unhealthy cells lodged inside fat cells. This prevents the development of cancerous tumors, thereby providing vital protection from cancer.

4. Enhances bone health

A diet that consists solely of water is very beneficial to the bones. It provides relief from rheumatoid arthritis and lessens osteoarthritis through the lubrication of all the joints in the body.

5. Increase overall health

Since water fasting involves not consuming any type of food aside from water, the energy generally used to carry out digestion is used for naturally healing the body. This is why water fasting is recommended in alternative medicine to aid people with depression and anxiety.

Even though water fasting can be used by most people, there are those people who should not fast including pregnant women and those with health complications like anorexia and anemia.

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