Benefits Of Warm Up

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Benefits of Warm Up

A warm up is the simple exercise routine that is performed before a workout session and also after the completion of the workout. Warming up helps to enhance blood flow towards the muscles, which reduces muscle stiffness. It also improves performance quality and lowers injury risk. Get more benefits of warm up further below.

1. Increases blood temperature
When you are warming up, there is an increase in blood flow all over the body, which translates to increased blood temperature. This action reduces the oxygen amounts in your blood and frees it up for your muscles, where it is mainly need. In general, enhanced blood temperature translates to improved endurance and performance.

2. Promotes better cooling
A warm up routine helps to activate body’s heat control mechanisms such as sweating. This enables the individual who is exercising to effectively cool and evade getting overheated during the initial phases of a workout routine, event or a race.

3. Mental benefits
A good mental preparation, either for a race or workout routine, is by warming up. It really clears an individual’s mind and allows it to focus solely on the exercise session ahead. Warming up can even enhance your morale and encourage you to perform better.

4. Warms up muscles
A regular exercise routine causes an increase in both body and muscle temperature. The benefit of this action is that warmed up muscles ensure that you are capable of performing a good workout session. It also enhances speed along with strength. Moreover, the risk of getting tissue or muscle injury is reduced greatly.

5. Heart benefits
When you perform a warm up, your blood vessels are going to dilate and more blood flows across the body. The dilation of blood vessels lowers the stress placed on the heart through lowering blood flow resistance.

The only disadvantage associated with a warm up would be either pulling or straining during the process.

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