Benefits of war

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Although it is not often expressed explicitly, there is a credence that the institution of war (even though it may not be an actual war), is considered somewhat vital to modern economics. According to this belief, the global frameworks of industrial economics are intimately connected with the research and production of military technology. Because of which, the elimination of this catastrophic institution would prove economically devastating, as a large sector of the society, those who are into manufacturing and technology, would get highly effected by a war-free world.

So it is utmost believable and understandable that some of the people who holds such positions, like for an example, the millions of people who are directly or indirectly working for companies that derive a significant portion of their incomes from military and para-military contracts will become jobless in an all-peaceful world.

Absence of war will lead to severe employment crisis, for many businesses will simply get closed for ever.

Here are also few other benefits of war:

Liberates oppressed people

It has been seen all through the history of all nations that War has also helped in liberating people from dictatorship and tyranny. The American Civil War in 1861-1865 abolished the act of slavery in USA. Similarly the World War II helped in the freedom of Indians from the British rule and the Jews from the Nazis.

Heightens the sense of patriotism

It has been found by sociological research done on the effects of war that War invigorates and rekindles the patriotic flame among the citizens of the countries those that are engaged in the act. It has been noted that War is an institution that helps in distracting people from other trivial problems inside the nation and makes them focused on greater responsibilities.

Glorifies state power

War is an act that helps in glorifying the power of one nation over others. It sharpens the diplomatic skills of any nation indiscriminate of whether they win or lose the war.

Maintains economic status quo

If one believes in the famous writer George Orwell’s vision of the future, he quoted that a situation that is conductive to war is always considered vital in maintaining a sort of status quo in the economic sense.

Finding the joy in victory

Although this is not a tangible benefit of war, but nevertheless it must not be forgotten at any time that war is a mad made holocaust machine, and so it also has a psychological identity which correlates our mind. Accepting this corollary we can always believe in the fact that finding the joy which undermines winning a battle is also another significant benefit of all great wars.

Although these above mentioned beneficial contents are nothing but very cold utilitarian arguments as it justifies the necessity of the existence of war as an institution, but nevertheless it must not be forgotten that when an actual war breaks out, real people die and that is a great loss for any nation across the world.

It is most interesting to note that as there is 1 out of 10 people who still advocates war in this world, so for them this above mentioned arguments stands absolutely right.

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