Benefits Of Walking As Exercise

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Benefits of Walking As Exercise

Walking is basically a low impact, gentle exercise that can propel you to a better level of health and fitness if performed correctly. Walking as exercise is accessible to everybody since it is simple, safe and does not require any practice. Further below are the health benefits of using walking as exercise.

1. Controls weight

People with weight problems, especially obese individuals are usually advised to start walking so as to manage their weight. Walking is an effective workout that burns very many calories and thus greatly helps in controlling weight. Since walking is very simple and comfortable to perform in contrast with other exercises, a person can walk for a long time without getting tired, reaping this particular benefit of walking.

2. Lowers cholesterol

Using walking as exercise has useful effects on cholesterol. It reduces the LDL cholesterol levels and raises levels of HDL cholesterol. This prevents cholesterol accumulation in the arteries that can lead to serious heart complications like strokes or even heart attack. Walking as exercise also boosts circulation of blood in the body.

3. Increases strength

Walking not only works the leg muscles, but it also works the core and hand muscles. Through walking regularly, you are going to fully develop these muscles and thus increase your strength. This is also a cheap way to stay fit and strong as it does not require any expensive equipment. Actually, all you require is a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

4. Lowers stress

An important benefit of walking as exercise is that it aids in lowering stress. Getting out of the house and walking has useful effects against stress. It provides a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and relax.

The shortcoming of walking is that similar to other exercises, there is a likelihood of injuries and thus necessary caution should be observed.

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