Benefits Of VLE

Benefits of VLE

A Virtual Learning Environment integrates and assists to offer simple access to various related education functions. This environment provides a more streamlined and simple mechanism for creating and publishing learning resources. These resources are also simple to access since they use the traditional web content approach, along with extra assessment and support functionalities. Here are benefits of VLE.

1. Flexibility
VLE offer flexibility to both teachers and their students. For the trainers or teachers, there is flexibility with regards to both the creation as well as the delivery of learning materials. Similarly, students also benefit with the flexibility of anywhere and anytime access to the information.

2. Develops new learning styles
Virtual learning environments introduce strategic styles of learning. This is achieved through the simplified collaborative work that can be done on a VLE. Furthermore, an innovative dimension in communication is introduced with VLEs. Besides the conventional lecture theaters and laboratories, students and teachers can use chat, email and bulletin boards.

3. Better learning experience
VLEs promote students to learn at a pace that is most comfortable to them both inside and also outside school. For learners who have special educational requirements then, this particular option is very important. For instance, students who are in hospital or those who are incapable of attending normal classes for health related issues can use VLEs and benefit greatly.

4. Improves motivation
There is nothing as motivating as allowing kids to use technology like computers for learning. These are tools they normally associate with fun, unlike the regular blackboards. As such, VLEs engage the students and motivate them to get more information on any topic. Moreover, this could even improve the ICT knowledge of these students.

No program is without its shortcomings and VLEs are no different as they have certain demerits. For instance, the students may be distracted by the internet as they do further research on school related work.

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