Benefits Of Vitamin D3

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Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, just like other variations of vitamin D, is basically one of the naturally produced hormones found in the body. Even though very few food products comprise of this particular vitamin, it is accessible through absorbing the rays of the sun. Vitamin D3 is known for offering the following health benefits.

1. Helps cell differentiation
Cell differentiation leads to cell specialization for specific body functions. Usually, cellular differentiation leads a reduction in proliferation. Even though cell proliferation is important for wound healing and growth, uncontrolled cell proliferation of certain cells with mutations may result in disorders such as cancer. Vitamin D3 aids the body by inhibiting proliferation and also stimulating cell differentiation.

2. Enhances bone health
Vitamin D3 has been proven to significantly assist in preventing fractures and other bone complications. It works through maintaining the calcium in the body, which is also necessary for maintaining bone density and bone growth. Furthermore, vitamin D3 ensures the effective calcium utilization in the body.

3. Alzheimer’s disease
This disease is linked to an enhanced likelihood of developing hip fractures since most of its patients are normally homebound and therefore sunlight deprived. With ageing, reduced amounts of vitamin D are converted to their active form. A study revealed that individuals with Alzheimer’s had reduced mineral density following low vitamin D intake and insufficient sunlight exposure. Vitamin D3 may assist to make Alzheimer’s disease more manageable.

4. Aids insulin secretion
Vitamin D3 plays an active role in the secretion of insulin, especially under certain conditions of enhanced insulin demand. Inadequate vitamin D amounts in the body have been discovered to have adverse effects on glucose tolerance and insulin secretion in patients with diabetes.
While a vitamin D3 overdose is rare, it can induce high levels of calcium and this could possibly lead to kidney stones and bone loss.

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