Benefits of Vitamin A

vitamin-aBenefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A would not be called the “miracle vitamin” had it not been the wondrous vitamin that we know it to be. Vitamin A, which can either come in the form of retinol or provitamin A caroteinoids (such as beta-carotene), are fat soluble vitamins which can have a positive impact in enhancing growth, immunity and overall health. Here are some of the many benefits that vitamin A can do:

1. Better eyesight
This is probably the most popular benefit of vitamin A. Vitamins can maintain moisture in the cornea and protects it from damage. Vitamin A is generally essential for healthy eyesight, and to prevent eye conditions including night blindness, visual purple, cataracts and glaucoma.

2. Anti-oxidant properties
Vitamin contains anti-oxidants such as caroteinoids Zeaxanthin, Luthein and alpha-carotene, that can help protect the body against harmful free radicals, and prevents the occurrences of diseases such as cancer.

3. Healthy bone and teeth development
Studies indicate that deficiencies in vitamin A can lead to abnormal bone growth. Vitamin A is necessary for tooth development and bone growth, without which impaired bones may result.

4. Healthy-looking skin and hair
Vitamin A is included in many beauty supplements because it can promote healthy, youthful looking skin. The antioxidants in the vitamins help keep your system free from toxins which can cause damage to the skin. It also helps retain the moisture in the skin to keep it more supple and smooth. Vitamin A is also known to help remove wrinkles, reduce fine lines and fade age spots. It also helps treat various skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema, wounds, sunburns, cold sores, wrinkles and sun damage.

5. Boost immune system levels
Vitamin A is known to help the body’s internal and external defense system, which helps fight off infections by increasing the production of white blood cells that can destroy virus and harmful bacteria. The A vitamin is also seen to help lymphocytes, which is a type of white blood cells, effectively fight infections.

6. Healthy surface linings and mucous membranes
Vitamin A promotes healthier surface linings of the respiratory, intestinal and urinary tracts. These linings help prevent bacteria from entering and causing infection. This vitamin also promotes healthy mucous membranes to counter against bacteria and viruses.

8. May help fight or prevent cancer
There is evidence that suggest that vitamin A can help decrease the risk of common cancers such as breast, skin and lung cancer. Antioxidants and active compounds found in vitamin A are also seen to help patient fight this fatal disease.

Vitamin A is naturally available through food sources like fruits, vegetables, liver, dairy products, and eggs. Since it is a fat soluble vitamin, overdose can lead to unwanted side effects such as osteoporosis, hair loss, brittle skin, nausea and fatigue. However, when taken in the right amounts, vitamin A can give your body the health boost that it needs everyday. Make sure you take your daily supply of vitamin A through a well-balanced vitamin supplement.

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