Benefits Of Verbal Communication

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Benefits of Verbal Communication

Verbal communication can be explained as exchanging ideas and thoughts by using words whether spoken or written. As humans, communicating with each other is very essential because through this we are able to interact, learn and understand each other. With verbal communication, we are also able to build relationships and trust and many other things. The following are some of the benefits of communicating verbally;-

1. Gives clear expression
When there is verbal communication, people are able to express themselves quite clearly. They can be able to emphasize on certain ideas, views and insights as they cite examples thus facilitating for a clear understanding among the communicators.

2. Provides good understanding
With verbal communication you can be able to understand people better. When you speak to someone and they respond to you as well as you continue to engage in a conversation, you will get to understand this person more because you are able to explore his emotions as well as body language through his words. With communication, there is no guess work. You can understand exactly what the other person is saying to you.

3. Gives satisfaction
Whenever you engage in a verbal communication, you are able to express what is on your mind. And however much you may never get all your requests met at any particular time, it is satisfactory to know that you are able to express yourself and get your thoughts and wants recognized and understood.

4. Increases popularity
Effective communication is done by both verbal and non-verbal communication. However, the former is the most successful when it comes to discussing, explaining and citing examples. People who have good verbal communication can easily make friends because they are able to express themselves clearly thereby understanding others as well.
The main disadvantage of verbal communication is miscommunication where your audience may hear what is often not meant.

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