Benefits Of VDI

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Benefits of VDI

IT administrators always have to deal with the ever-competitive technology changes in corporate infrastructure. Due to the increasing costs of upgrading computers, desktop virtualization has now become appealing as it offers an array of benefits. Listed below are the perks provided by virtual desktop infrastructure.

1. Better security
Security is an essential factor that makes VDI a viable alternative for IT administrators. With virtual desktop infrastructure, you have better control of the security on your desktop. In other words, you can decide to lock the VDI from a local machine and prevent copying of information to external devices. In the event that you misplace your device or it gets stolen, all the data is protected.

2. OS migration
If you want to upgrade your operating system to enjoy better functionality, you would probably have to upgrade disk space, memory, hardware and so forth. Virtual desktop infrastructure, on the other hand allows you to handle multiple managers on a single Windows image.

3. Energy friendly
A virtual desktop infrastructure uses less power than traditional desktop computers. Use of VDI is therefore a sure way to cut on electricity costs. VDI is also flexible as it allows you to use multiple devices provided you can connect the VDI with RDP or ICA.

4. Create a library
With VDI, you can build multiple VDI images to ensure you meet your corporate needs. On the other hand, you can create extra images or use third-party consultants/ contractors/vendors. Additionally, you can use encrypted/ secure images.

5. Manage remote desktops
Virtual desktop infrastructure also allows you to handle remote software application like Altiris. IT administrators find it very difficult to manage multiple desktops especially in a large organization. This is where VDI comes in handy, to help the deployment of multiple desktops.

Printing is not possible when using a VDI unless third-party hardware is installed.

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