Benefits Of VBAC

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Benefits of VBAC

If your last delivery was a C-section or cesarean delivery, your chances of conceiving vaginally are high. This is known as VBAC, vaginal birth after cesarean. Studies show that women who deliver by cesarean or vaginally don’t have complications from childbirth. However, it is difficult to ascertain that VBAC will work accordingly, which means it is ‘trial and error’. This article aims at highlighting the benefits of vaginal birth after cesarean.

1. Facilitates breastfeeding and bonding
Vaginal birth after cesarean is highly recommended as it facilitates breastfeeding and bonding. In addition to that, it lowers the chance of developing respiratory complications in newborn offspring. Most mothers also prefer this since it costs less than birth by cesarean section.

2. Prevents intensive abdominal surgery
Vaginal birth after cesarean is also safer for the mother and the baby as well. This is because it reduces your risk of surgery-related infections and others complications, like transfusion and hemorrhage. You should also consider vaginal birth after cesarean as it helps reduce the recovery time, which means you will spend few days in the hospital.

3. Reduces risk of infections
VBAC also helps reduce the possible chances of having several cesareans, including complications like abnormal placenta (placenta accreta and placenta previa). In addition to preventing surgical complications, vaginal birth after cesarean also reduces the risk of infection/damage to organs, such as the bowel and intestines.

4. Lowers risk of respiratory problems
Mothers who conceive vaginally have lower chance of respiratory infection. During childbirth, the baby’s thorax pushes eject the amniotic fluid to prepare your lungs. Since young children are always at a high risk of respiratory diseases such as asthma, vaginal birth after cesarean is the only sure way to prevent risk of both vaginal and respiratory conditions.

Blood infection is prominent in uterus when a mother conceives vaginally after cesarean.

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