Benefits of vaulted ceilings

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Benefits of Vaulted Ceilings

The vaulted ceilings are a boon to the rooms. There are many advantages and benefits that are derived from vaulted ceilings.

1) Spacious Look – The vaulted ceilings provide a greater space to any size room. These ceilings give a more open feeling to the room, and one cans design in such a way that it looks like a balcony overlooking a room below. The vaulted ceilings adds space to your house thus if you can combine it with an open floor plan so as to integrate a kitchen and a living space then you could cater to parties easily

2) Lend Elegance – They look elegant and are seen well done in older and more classic homes. ‘ They add class to upscale homes too.

3)Reduces costs – They make room for installation of efficient ceiling fans so that they do not hug the ceiling. The vaulted ceilings ensure circulation of air affecting heating or cooling costs. The construction of vaulted ceiling would never be a waste. This technique saves energy and money too. If the gabled end is situated towards the south or west, it allows the home to gather natural light, transmitting it into interior heat.

4) Ease – The biggest advantage is that these rooms with vaulted ceilings can be cleaned with ease, lighting bulbs can be changed easily.

5) Natural Look – The vaulted ceilings give a magnificent feel to the room. If the surroundings where you live has wonderful natural beauty then these ceilings enhances the beauty of your room and make you feel that you live amongst the natural wilderness. These vaulted ceilings add natural light to the house, and if you add more windows and doors tot he gables wall, you can create more light. This also takes care of the seasonal effects like keeps the room warmer on winter days and cooler on warmer days.

6) Aesthetic Value – Vaulted rooms add aesthetic value to the house. It gives the room a light and an airy feeling. This makes even a small room feel like big, though it is not.

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