Benefits Of Vasectomy

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Benefits of Vasectomy

A vasectomy refers to a medical practice where a man undertakes a surgery to permanently render himself incapable of impregnating a woman. It involves cutting and fastening the vas deferens that is in charge of the transportation of sperm to semen. Usually, vasectomies are done on married men in committed relationships who already have kids and are absolutely certain that they no longer want to have more children. Having a vasectomy is a huge decision that provides these benefits.

1. Better sex life
Many men felt that following their vasectomies they experienced no difference to enjoyment and frequency of sex. Actually, most of them now have sexual intercourse more regularly and delight in it much more than before. Those that experienced changes after their vasectomies claimed that both frequency and libido of intercourse were slightly enhanced.

2. Eliminates worry about pregnancy
A vasectomy provides the vital benefit of eliminating the concern about cases of undesired pregnancy. Once a man has undergone this procedure, he no longer has to be concerned about his partner becoming pregnant accidently. Furthermore, most couples relish this contraceptive freedom due to the elimination of worry. Roughly 50% of couples use a vasectomy because of a disappointment in other techniques of temporary birth control.

3. Enhances female health
One reason that compels most men to choose vasectomy rather than a reversible birth control method is that it is a highly secure means of pregnancy prevention. This means that females would not have to undergo female sterilization, a very risky procedure. The dangers of undertaking female sterilization range from bleeding and pain to infection and many other complications. For most couples who select vasectomy, it displays the least danger and most effective option.

Like all surgical procedures, there are risks involved with a vasectomy and they include trouble urinating, increased swelling and bleeding.

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