Benefits Of Value Stream Mapping

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Benefits of Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping can help you understand how your business works, and helps managers make necessary modifications of business processes with efficiency and clarity. Basically, Value stream mapping helps managers to evaluate their improvement in terms of revenues and departmental performance. There are countless benefits to implementing Value Stream Mapping, and can benefit the organization over the long haul through repetitive use.

1. Effective visual communication
When you learn the importance of mapping every department of your organization through value stream, you will realize that the process can help you understand your business better. Sometimes just stream mapping the main departments can give you better understanding into bottlenecks or problems within your company. With that in mind, you should study the value stream intricately as a storyboard, demonstrating how services or products make their way into consumer’s hands. Therefore, Values Stream Mapping offers an excellent form of visual representation of business processes and everyone involved.

2. Identifies waste in business processes
Another perk of implementing stream mapping into your company is to help you identify wastes. Value Stream Mapping will help you detect any wastes in business processes, such as overproduction, transport, waiting, inventory, defects, motion, and extra processing.

3. Better representation of weak areas
Value Stream Mapping can help you detect wastes so that you are able to deal with the problem. Once you learn the importance of representing weak points in business process, it becomes easier to create open communication among stockholders to prevent additional wastes in business process. Also, you can use value stream for calculated testing in certain departments of your company, without endangering productivity. In addition to that, Value Stream Mapping can test improvement models with ease and confidence.
Organizations that advocate for repetitive production through the latest software such as CRM and EPR typically incur higher maintenances costs.

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