Benefits of UVB

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Benefits of UVB

UVB refers to ultraviolet-B rays that are given out by the sun. Although excessive sun exposure is considered hazardous to skin health, some people do not actually know that several minutes of natural light from the sun has health benefits. These benefits are:

1. Vitamin D production

Natural vitamin D3 in skin cells are produced and synthesized only through sun or UVB exposure. Various processes in the body are aided by the presence of enough Vitamin D. These processes include the body’s immune system regulation and the metabolism of various minerals like phosphorus and calcium.

2. Skin disorder treatment

Exposure to the sun’s UVB rays is also helpful in the treatment of some skin disorders like dermatitis and psoriatic skin disease among many others. Through the UVB rays, the wounds and rashes associated with these skin disorders will be able to heal more quickly because of the ray’s anti-bacterial effect.

3. Regulation of body temperature

The heat of the sun’s UVB rays may also be taken advantaged of in cases wherein the climate is too cold. At these times of the year, the body may not be able to function effectively because of abnormal temperatures. To help the body reach an optimal level of temperature, getting some sun exposure outdoors may prove helpful.

4. Mood elevation

Getting some UVB rays from the sun especially in the morning is also known to elevate moods and result to more positive spirits. Just a couple of minutes in the morning is what it takes for people to have an overall mood elevation which could last for the entire day.

As long as exposure to the sun’s rays is limited to a couple of minutes every day, people need not worry about possible skin problems like burning or even cancer. The fact of the matter is that UVB rays from the sun not only benefit people in terms of physical health but also in terms of emotional and mental health.

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