Benefits Of Using a Staffing Agency

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

A staffing agency, also called recruitment agency, fills a vital requirement for both job seekers and employers. Locating a worker who is the best fit for an organization and its culture is normally difficult, time consuming and costly. Using a staffing agency helps to find either permanent or temporary employees which saves company funds. Other benefits are as follows;

1. Lessens recruiting costs
If you opt to seek for workers without the assistance of a recruitment agency, you will require placing recruitment adverts in newspapers and on relevant sites, which is very expensive. However, when you acquire the services of a staffing agency, normally you will not require purchasing any adverts to announce your job offers. You will provide all the details concerning the available posts and also the kind of employees that you want. The employment agency will then review its database for individuals who may be an appropriate fit for the available recommendations.

2. Time saving opportunities
When working with an efficient staffing agency, representatives in the agency will typically handle applicant screening to establish which people have the correct skills for the available job. The agency also handles interviews, checking references, collecting application forms and skill testing. Rather than spending time trying to determine the best person with the necessary interests and skills, you can continue with your normal business duties until the agency provides a short employee list. You will simply make your choice amongst the best qualified candidates who have been pre-screened already.

3. Enhances flexibility
Staffing agencies enable companies to utilize employees as required. For instance, temporary workers may be introduced so as to deal with the space left by employees on maternity leave or vacation. The company therefore has the great flexibility of using the temporary staff offered by a staffing agency as needed.
The cost linked to using a professional staffing agency is its main demerit. The cost may be as high as 30% of the first year’s salary of the new employee.

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