Benefits Of Urine

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Benefits of Urine

You might be appalled at the thought of drinking your urine, but the advantages that you are likely to gain are great. Aside from simply drinking urine, you can also use it for bathing and massaging purposes. There are several benefits of urine as shown below.

1. Enhances respiratory system

The respiratory system benefits from urine consumption as well. If you have any respiratory related ailments, you are advised to begin using urine therapy. Urine assists in cleansing and eliminating excess mucus.

2. Antibacterial effects

Urine contains urea, which has vital antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects. Usually, urea is manufactured when the human body attempts to achieve a proper balance between water and sodium chloride. Due to its capability of limiting inflammation as well as killing various bacteria, urea is commonly used in lotions and ointments.

3. Treats various ailments

The use of urine in urine therapy has been displayed to be effective in treating different conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, adrenal failure and herpes. Urine is also prescribed in herbal medicine for combating venom from jellyfish, bee stings and snake bites. In addition, it is a key ingredient in the production of infertility drugs.

4. Benefits the skin

Urine can be utilized for external applications on the skin. However, because older urine comprises of high ammonia concentration, it is effective against rashes and skin diseases. To make your urine old, you are supposed to place it in a black or dark bottle, which is then tightly closed and put in a cool place for three days. Small amounts of this solution are directly applied onto the skin. You can also choose to spray it onto the skin or add it to skin moisturizers, creams or lotions. Experts advise against using soap instantly after the application of urine onto the skin.

The undesirable smells of urine as well as the likelihood of peeing on your clothes during urine extraction are the key demerits of using urine.

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