Benefits of upward dog yoga pose

Benefits of upward dog yoga pose

The upward dog yoga pose is sometimes called the back-bending technique since the position involves arching the back backwards while one is facing forward or upwards.  This position is also called upward facing dog as opposed to another position called the downward facing dogs.  This pose is one of the easiest to do and maintain when talking about yoga and it can provide various benefits including the following:

1. Stretching of abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles are usually exercised by means of doing curl ups and crunches.  In most cases, not much is done to have them stretched for warming up or to prepare them for an intense workout.  One way to stretch them and improver their function and efficiency is to do the upward facing dog pose in yoga.

2. Strengthening of the upper extremities

The upward dog yoga pose is basically maintained by the upper extremities or the arms. The pose will not be stable if the muscles of the arms and hands are weak.  Through regular yoga sessions and doing this particular pose often, one could expect increased toning and strength of the arm muscles including those that surround the wrist and the hands.

3. Improve posture

Yoga is generally considered a good exercise to improve posture and one big reason for this is the upward facing dog pose. Through this particular pose, one will achieve more consciousness in terms of one’s own posture.  The typical posture for some people involves arching the upper trunk forward but with regular practice of this particular pose, one will be able to maintain an upright trunk position easily and effortlessly.

Overall, yoga is a great means to improve flexibility and strength in some muscle areas. ‘Â And since the poses involve in yoga, including the upward facing dog pose, are done along with breathing techniques, one’s lung function will also be improved.  For people who prefer a relaxing yet intense form of exercise, yoga is a great choice.

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