Benefits of Upgrading to CS5

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Benefits of Upgrading to CS5

Choosing whether to upgrade or not is always hard. It usually requires measuring the cost against performance and new features. However, many Photoshop users are finding it easy to upgrade to CS5. This is because it is filled with several innovative features that are designed to enhance performance significantly.

1. Faster image editing

Upgrading to CS5 benefits you by increasing your image editing options and making the entire process faster. For instance, you can use automatic correction to chromatic aberration and lens distortions. Photoshop CS5 makes use of the EXIF data of the picture to make accurate changes depending on the kind of lens and camera you used. In addition, you can quickly straighten crooked pictures by simply using the straighten image feature.

2. Better color options

With CS5, users can get their colors right using industry leading color tools and advanced HDR imaging. This allows the creation of surreal and realistic images with unparalleled accuracy, speed and control. Also included is an endless range of compelling black and white effects that you can add onto your project. In short, CS5 includes lots of options with regards to editing the tone and color of the picture.

3. Intelligent image editing

You can easily identify and edit intricate elements of a picture with CS5. Complex selections are actually made simpler in CS5, since you can select specific parts in an image using fewer clicks. This makes eliminating background color possible. With the content-aware scale feature, you can recompose a file automatically while resizing it. This helps to preserve vital parts of the picture as it changes to the smaller dimensions.

In conclusion, upgrading to CS5 is an intelligent choice as it is linked to numerous benefits. Actually, it offers better management of your work and removes the obstacles found in the earlier version of Adobe Photoshop.

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