Benefits Of Union Membership

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Benefits of Union Membership

Joining a trade or labor union is very important. Not only do workers who join together achieve commons goals, they are also able to work better through creating better working conditions. A trade union bargains with employers on behalf of the workers on salaries, working conditions and better contracts. These are just a few of the benefits of having a union membership. Some more are listed below.

1. Bargaining power
Having a union membership while you hold a job provides you a better platform to bargain on various issues which can arise at work. This is very essential because workers can be able to negotiate on things like overtime and wage rise without the fear of losing their jobs. They can also touch on various rules which govern their work places to make them more favorable.

2. Promote high standards of living
Depending on different companies and countries, statics from Canada have shown that workers under union membership make more money than those who are not in trade unions despite the fact that they all do similar work. Union membership helps workers define the number of hours they can work and the much they can get for these hours. Less hours with proper payments is therefore what individuals under union membership enjoy unlike their counterparts who will spend lots of hours at work with a small pay.

3. Security from health and welfare plans
Among the many things that trade unions promote are healthcare and welfare plans. Benefits like medical and pension plans usually have an impact on a workers quality of life. Workers with such benefits stand to enjoy more security than those who do not. Jobs with unions are likely to provide these benefits than those which do not.

Trade unions are a necessarily evil in the running of businesses nowadays. While on one hand, they help workers, they can also turn them against their employees with demands which cannot be met at the time.

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