Benefits Of Unified Communications

Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified communications or UC refers to the approach of unifying telephony, web conferencing, instant messaging and presence. It basically involves transforming normal desktop computers and business phones to a simulated communications platform. Unified communication brings all the available communication modalities together, making them accessible on a strong multimedia interface. Let us look at the advantages of unified communications.

1. Better communication
Unified communications improve business communications through bringing all accessible modalities and devices under a single roof. With UC, users can transition seamlessly among all accessible communication modalities. With one mouse click, you can intensify an IM (instant messaging) exchange to a video conference call or a telephone call. The GUI facilitates the smooth transition.

2. Improves cooperation
UC features an area where clients, coworkers and business partners can work together using cutting-edge data sharing devices. Not only can ideas be shared, but also documents and data. A good example of a virtual collaboration tool is the online white board. Unified communication thus enhances collaboration and it facilitates effective virtual teamwork.

3. Integrate business processes
Unified communications expand the integration amongst data and all communication applications. This promotes continuity throughout all the businesses processes and may increase productivity. Through using the UC interface, users can access all business process software and applications like CRM, ERP and other reporting and data management utilities.

4. Enhances access
Since unified communications operates across all the communication devices, users can delight in unparalleled access to system data. Moreover, you can also connect to the organization’s internal network though wireless by using your laptop, home computer, netbook or PDA. Unified messaging makes certain that all messages, email and others can be accessed in the chosen format.

The shortcoming of connecting all communication devices, as encouraged by unified communications, means that when the system fails, communication within the organization is drastically affected.

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