Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy

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Ultrasound therapy is a way of treating ailments with the therapeutic use of ultrasound. In this method tissues which are beneath the skin are stimulated by using very high frequency sound. This frequency can range from 800,000 Hz to 2,000,000 Hz; the human ear cannot perceive this sound. Doctors have been using ultrasound therapy for decades; it has turned out to be quite effective. This process is mostly used by physical therapists, for treating pain; it speeds up the tissue healing process. It is very effective if used for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, phantom limb pain, etc. There are two main types of ultrasound therapies: thermal and mechanical ultrasound therapy. The kind of therapy used entirely depends on the condition of the patient.

1. Provides heat

Unlike the traditional hot pack, which emits heat only on the surface, ultrasound generates deeper heat. This is caused due to the vibration and friction of the sound waves, this method helps the physical therapist to apply deeper and more intense heat to targeted areas.

2. Helps in treating surgical wounds

Deep tissues can be healed by the heat generated by ultrasound therapy. The ultrasound increases blood flow. Since blood carries healing fluids this speeds up the healing process and helps in the treatmentand curing of surgical wounds.

3. Reduces pain

This method decreases muscle spasms and improve tissue healing. It is of great help to therapists; because it reduces the pain, it allows the patient and the therapist to carry forward exerciseswhich improve the condition of the patient.

4. Helps to relax muscles

A strained muscle can be relaxed by the heat induced by ultrasound method. This provides a much needed relief to the patient.

5. Great treatment for sports players

Many athletes hurt themselves while playing sports; this method provides quick relief to them, so that they can go back and compete again.

There are a few things which one must keep in mind before being subjected to ultrasound therapy. The increase in blood flow can spread malignancies throughout the body. This method is not advisable for pregnant ladies, and it should not be used on patients suffering from acute infections, bonefracture, etc. It should not be applied around the sexual organs and also around the eye area.

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