Benefits Of Turquoise

Benefits of Turquoise

Turquoise is among the first utilized gem stones and its formation depends on copper ions. That is why it is found near copper deposits. Some fine specimens or turquoise are excavated in Iran and in southwestern areas of America. Turquoise use provides various benefits as illustrated in the following article.

1. Healing effects

Turquoise has powerful effects which are thought to treat various health ailments. From repairing physical injuries to an individual’s body to headaches, turquoise works in lessening disorders and discomfort. In ancient periods, turquoise was used for providing relief to eye complications, particularly cataracts. Because of its high content of copper, it is beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

2. Alleviates muscle pain

Turquoise may be used for relieving muscle pain caused by working out for extended periods of time. It works through increasing blood flow to the affected muscles and thus alleviates torn ligaments or tendons.

3. Tonic stone

Linked by certain sources with the capability of removing toxins, turquoise makes a great tonic stone. It is recommended by crystal healers for alcohol, pollution, radiation or pollution detoxification in the body. Turquoise also has calming effects that aid to alleviate hypertension as well as various dental problems.

4. Fosters spiritual growth

Turquoise has been utilized for making amulets for a very long time as it fosters spiritual growth and improves communication with both the spiritual and physical worlds. When worn as a necklace, it enhances meditation and also intuition. It enables the user’s soul to really express itself more. Herbal physicians say that it protects the user as well through changing color so as to warn them concerning a looming danger.

Turquoise has its shortcomings, including that is prone to corrosion by acid and extreme heat. Furthermore, the lesser hardness of this particular tonic stone makes it even more fragile.

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