Benefits of tupelo honey

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Benefits of tupelo honey

Tupelo honey is a rare type of honey that is sourced from the flowers of the tupelo gum tree. Unlike most honeys, tupelo honey is cultivated plainly from the blossoms of various tupelo gum trees that can be found in some parts of the US south-eastern states like Florida and Louisiana. Tupelo honey is also quite expensive compared to other honeys that are sourced from a variety of flowers. This is mainly due to the tedious process in creating the honey as the flower buds of tupelo trees emerge and become available to bees. Black or white tupelo honey varieties are known to provide various benefits like:

1. Natural sugar

Sugar provides energy to the body especially with tupelo honey’s high fructose content. This sugar is also said to be a good health choice for people who have problems with blood glucose or those with diabetes. The kind of sugar that tupelo honey provides gets to be absorbed quicker than standard table sugar making the honey a better diet alternative.

2. Nutrient content

Tupelo honey is very rich in nutrients including Vitamin C, calcium, thiamine, potassium, and iron among others. For many health experts, having a serving of tupelo honey is like loading the body with essential nutrients and multivitamins. Tupelo honey’s Vitamin C content is also high enough to help the body get rid of toxins and keep it healthy.

3. Natural remedy for common illnesses

Many people believe that tupelo honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. With this belief, tupelo honey is known to relieve minor conditions such as sore throat and mild coughing.

Tupelo honey, whether black, white or mixed, essentially provides the same health benefits. Being a natural substance, many health experts promote it as a great alternative to table sugar when it comes to using it for various food items.

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