Benefits of tribulus terrestris

Benefits of tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris refers to an herb that grows in tropical regions. ‘ It is also commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine for various reasons. ‘ The roots of the tribulus terrestris are the ones used in making drugs and supplements that contain the extracts of this plant. The following are the health benefits associated with the intake of supplements that contain tribulus terrestris:

1. Improved sexual functioning

Studies have indicated an improved sexual functioning for those taking tribulus terrestris supplements, especially in men. ‘ This particular herb is said to improve testosterone levels in men and therefore also improves sexual libido and performance. ‘ Healthy and boosted levels of testosterone will eventually lead to healthy sperm production. ‘ Sperm quality is also enhanced in terms of its motility by taking tribulus terrestris. ‘ As for the women, taking supplements with this particular herb also enhances sexual desire. ‘ This explains why various health experts suggest this particular herb to couples who experience difficulty getting pregnant.

2. Muscle build-up

Taking tribulus terrestris also increases muscle build-up because of the enhancement in testosterone levels. ‘ This is especially beneficial to people who want to build bigger muscles for a sporting activity for example. ‘ Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are the ones that could greatly benefit from supplements with this particular herb.

3. ‘ Treatment and prevention of uro-genital disorders

Men with impotence are also said to benefit from taking tribulus terrestris. ‘ Studies have shown that regular consumption of drugs with this herb can improve the blood flow in the genitals and thereby improve their function. ‘ People with kidney stone build-ups are also said to gain relief from tribulus terrestris.

Aside from improvements in sexual functions, tribulus terrestris is also known to have antibacterial effects. ‘ This particular herbal plant is also helpful in some skin conditions including psoriasis and vitiligo. ‘ There are also people who claim that tribulus terrestris will also help lower blood pressure and prevent certain types of cancer.

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