Benefits Of Toyota Production System

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Benefits of Toyota Production System

Toyota Production System was initially developed for accounting for specific issues that were facing the Toyota manufacturing company. However, the concepts and ideas of TPS are also applicable in other industries and organizations all over the world. The main focus of this particular production system is value. Through value definition and comprehension, TPS has assisted many companies maximize value. Here are benefits of the Toyota Production System.

1. Enhances quality
The Toyota Production System works so as to get rid of variation. While other production systems like Six Sigma only focus on variation elimination and product quality in the various processes, TPS is all inclusive for managing every factor of the business. Actually, this particular production system is more effective in enhancing quality through waste elimination.

2. Reduces waste
A core factor of the Toyota Production System is waste reduction. Here, waste refers to any process that does not bring value to an organization. Through eliminating waste from production processes, many firms have lessened the time they take to deliver their services or products to consumers. TPS helps to identify waste items and processes in a company, which might range from defects to time wasted during production.

3. Benefits consumers
The TPS is more value driven and customer-driven. A key aspect of this production system is reduction in production times. The time a customer places their order as well as the time of service or product delivery is thereby reduced. TPS delivers great value to consumers and this may boost consumer retention. The producer also benefits from lessened defects as well as the manufacture of products at lower costs.

The time required for implementing the Toyota Production System in a company is its main drawback. Successful implementation normally requires employee participation throughout a company to make certain that cells integrate properly with each other.

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