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Health Benefits Of Tofu
Tofu is commonly called as Soya Bean Curd and is full of minerals like calcium, proteins and vitamins. It is therefore known as the perfect food and helps in protecting against several fatal health problems like cancer and heart diseases. The high protein, calcium and vitamin E content and low content of saturated fats and cholesterol make it an excellent food. When cooked soya ground until milk is produced out of it and then this milk is solidified along with a coagulant calcium sulphate, tofu is formed. This is an ideal additive for both salty and sweet dishes. Regular users of tofu get a number of benefits from its use:

1.Helps to maintain a healthy heart.
Research has proved that people who make regular use of tofu suffer less from different kinds of heart problems. The protein content of soya and isoflavones present in tofu are powerful fighters of cholesterol. Tofu is thus considered to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. One daily serving of tofu provides the body with the necessary omega-3 fatty acids, which not only improves the levels of cholesterol but helps in proper clotting of blood.

2.Menopause Hormone Balance.
The isoflavones present in tofu acts like the hormone estrogen for the body and is especially beneficial to women in their menopause and pre-menopause stages. This plant estrogen helps to balance and regulate the hormone fluctuations during these phases of life. The balanced supply of estrogen in the body helps to prevent many health conditions like breast cancer, osteoporosis and gynecological cancers. Therefore regulation of this hormone is of essential in women.

3.Benefits to males.
The isoflavones present in tofu are also beneficial in getting away from serious problems of prostate cancer in case of men. Studies have revealed that isoflavones help in slowing down the growth and enlargement of prostate gland, thus reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

4.Improves the strength of body muscles.
Tofu supplies lots of proteins to the body which are vital in building the body muscles. It also supplies the body with the required quantities of iron and sufficient doses of antioxidants like copper, manganese and selenium. These nutrients help in the maintenance of energy levels in the body. Anti-oxidants help to prevent the body against many kinds of cancers by protecting the DNA in the cells from being harmed by the free radicals.

5.Aids in maintaining bone health

Tofu provides the body with dietary calcium sufficient quantities of which protects the body against diseases like bone loss, bone weakness, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

6.Helps in weight loss.
Tofu provides a lot of nutrients to the body without adding many calories to the diet. Thus it is an effective diet for people who are interested in weight loss.

With all the health benefits that tofu offers it is not a food just for the vegetarians but is even preferred by non vegetarians. Regular intake of moderate quantity of tofu in diet helps to improve the overall well-being and protects the body against many serious health problems.

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