Benefits Of Tithing

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Benefits of Tithing

Tithing is a way of sanctifying what you have, irrespective of whether you want to bless your time, money, or talents. Many people believe that tithing allows one to enter into a communion with God to receive his blessings beyond measure. In simple terms, tithing allows God to provide for your needs and bless what you have.

1. Sign of obedience

When you provide tithe in church, it shows that you honor him even when he works a miracle in your life, or blesses you abundantly. God always needs us to put him first before other things so that he can take care of our desires and needs. Even without praying, God knows all your desires and needs.

2. Demonstrates God’s love

God wants you to give back at least ten percent of what he has bestowed upon you. Tithing is a simple way to show love and trust to the creator. As result, he will provide you with everything that you need provided you obey his commandments. I have been blessed in many ways by tithing, which shows you that God is ready to take care of all your needs.

3. Christian acknowledge his presence

Tithing is a good way to help those in need of God’s help. For this reason, the church has an obligation to use a small portion of the tithe to help the less fortunate. Moreover, tithing helps you remember that all you have belongs to God.

4. Protects you from selfishness

Tithing simply means that you are eligible to receive God’s blessings, but put in mind that blessings often come in many ways, not just monetary. There is no verse in the bible where God promises to bring you ‘’wealth and health’. Nonetheless, you should pray that he shields you from temptations that are always inevitable in life.

Tithing is a great way to demonstrate your love towards the creator, but ensure that your tithe is a secret between you and the maker.

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