Benefits Of Titanium

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Benefits of Titanium

Titanium is commonly used in the area of alternative medication to alert users of possible medical problems. Nowadays, titanium is used for making jewelry like bracelets and necklaces as well as in the production of synthetic body parts. Titanium is believed to have the following health benefits.

1. Highly compatible

Of all the other metal elements, titanium displays a very high compatibility with a person’s body. Most medical implants that require being placed inside our bodies are manufactured using titanium. This is because titanium has a very low likelihood of being rejected by the tissues in the body. This metal also does not cause infections or allergies like other metals, making it a suitable choice in the body piercing field. You can even wear a titanium bracelet for a long time without being concerned about getting any infections or skin rashes.

2. Enhances oxygen supply

Titanium boasts of a beneficial property of attracting and capturing oxygen and then transferring it into the body. Wearing titanium ornaments near inflamed areas assists in reducing inflammation through directing oxygen to that region. Oxygen is well known to alleviate inflammation and pain in the body. In fact, this is why people with arthritis, especially the ones with swollen wrists are advised to make use of titanium bracelets.

3. Alleviates pain

Titanium is an effective pain killer and it used to alleviate pain symptoms of various health issues. It stimulates nerves present in the sore area to encourage healing. In addition, it also has magnetic properties that attract iron-rich blood cells to the affected part of the body. The enhanced blood circulation leads to faster pain relief and also better healing.

4. Long-lasting

Titanium lasts for a long time as it is less likely to get any type of damage. Actually, it can tolerate salty water and high temperature.

However, the processes used for titanium production are very complex and costly, making the final product expensive.

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