Benefits of thunderstorms

Benefits of thunderstorms

A thunderstorm is basically nothing but a million droplets of water vapour condensed in the atmosphere that results in rainfall, lightning, hail, tornadoes, etc. Thunderstorms are formed by a cloud called a ‘cumulonimbus cloud’. There are two factors which help in the formation of thunderstorms. These are i) instability in the atmosphere and ii) the uplift of warm and humid air which is again caused by solar heating and other factors. There are four kinds of thunderstorms: single-cell, multi-cell, squall line, and super-cell. Thunderstorms are also known as electrical storms, thundershowers, storms, and even lightning storms.

All of us are aware of the bad effects of a thunderstorm, but we are hardly aware of the good effects or benefits caused by thunderstorms. These are as follows:-

Acts as a lifeguard for man and living creatures

Rainfall is one of the results of a thunderstorm, which provides water to plants, humans, lakes, reservoirs, vegetation, etc. It acts as a life-saver for plants and human beings, as water is the main source of life.

Acts as an air conditioner

A thunderstorm acts as a cooling device for the earth. Without it, the percentage of heat in the atmosphere would greatly increase, which becomes unfavorable for the living creature.

Releases nitrates which fertilize the soil.

Nitrogen is one of the most important elements for farming, and it is mainly provided by lightning. Lightning changes the nitrogen gas into nitrogen compounds which help in the fertility of soil; as a gas it cannot be utilized by plants and vegetation. In this way lightning also provides proteins to the animal kingdom.

Removes pollution

Pollution is one of the common problems in today’s world. Thunderstorms help in removing a large amount of pollution from the atmosphere. They clean the air, which is one of the reasons why we feel fresh after a thunderstorm. It provides us with fresh and soothing air.

Thunderstorms may be beneficial as well as dangerous in nature. Sometimes we even get to see the wonderful spectacle of a rainbow after a thunderstorm.

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