Benefits of the esophagus

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Benefits of the esophagus

The esophagus is an organ that is part of the digestive system in humans and animals. It’ is connected to the back part of the pharynx on its upper portion while its lower portion is’ connected to the stomach. This organ basically helps during swallowing or food intake and’ serves to deliver food to the stomach for digestion and nutrient processing. With proper
functioning as part of the digestive system, the esophagus provides the following benefits to’ humans and animals:

1. Transport of food

After food is chewed and swallowed, the esophagus performs the role of passageway or’ entry way into the stomach. Through its lining and the muscles along the esophageal tract,’ food is smoothly transported from the mouth to the stomach for processing. Once in the’ stomach, the food items eaten will be digested and the nutrients will be given out to the’ bloodstream and thereby supplying different parts of the body. Without the esophagus, the’ food people eat will not be able to reach the stomach for digestion.

2. Smooth flow of food

The muscle sphincters and the lining in the upper part of the esophagus also keeps the’ flow of food smoothly down the long muscular tract. Through the sphincter, food that is’ being swallowed will not have a chance to go back up outside the mouth. This benefit is’ most appreciated when one eats while lying down. Food can still be swallowed even if the
direction of the esophageal tract is not assisted by gravity.

3. Prevention of backflow from stomach

Since the esophagus is the passageway intended for food items, there is also a great’ tendency that some food that is already delivered into the stomach for processing may’ move back upwards. It is for this reason that the esophagus also plays a very important’ role and provides the benefit of not having to experience food regurgitation and the’ accompanying acid reflux. This may be a not-so good sensation but this is efficiently’ avoided by a healthy and functioning esophagus.

With all the benefits and functions mentioned above, medical experts always advise that’ people also take care of their esophagus along with the rest of the body. Various ailments’ can also affect the esophageal tract and so it must also be treated with care.

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