Benefits of Tequila

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According to spirits writer Anthony Dias Blue, Tequila was originally known to the American citizens as Mescal Brandy. As the railroad transportation expanded in the late 19th century Tequila became a popular drink among the Americans. Later on, during the 20th century this drink also helped USA to tide over the great alcohol crisis. With Mexico just across the border during the Prohibition Act Tequila became the drink of choice in the Southwest parts of USA.

Again during the World War II when all major distilleries in US turned to industrial production, Mexican Tequila then also helped the US citizens to fill the void. It has been statistically recorded that Tequila export to the US skyrocketed in 1945 to 1.2 million gallons compared to which was just 6,000 gallons before the Great War.

A single serving of Tequila generally produces 97 calories, however, there also certain brands of this awesome spirit that offers lower calories. Unless Tequila is mixed with other liquids, Tequila contains no carbohydrates, fat, sugar or any other nutritional elements.

Many of us might wonder if there are any health benefits attached to this drink. However, although there are no evidence of nutritional facts of this drink, but still here are a few health benefits of drinking Tequila in moderation.

Helps in fighting flu and cold

It has been found while doing researches on benefits of this drink that Mexican doctors used to prescribe drinks which were made out of Tequila, lime juice and agave nectar to cure flu like illnesses during 1930s. Tequila along with agave nectar, was considered as a great medicine for alleviating cold throats during the winter months.

Makes us feel fuller

Fuctans found in Tequila helps in stimulating the Incretins, which are gastrointestinal hormones that helps in boosting the levels of human insulin. One of the Incretins that is produced by our body is also a satiety enhancer, and so after drinking Tequila one can always feel fuller on less food.

Decrease chances of gall-stone and kidney stones

It has been heard by lovers of this wonderful alcoholic drink, that drinking Tequila helps in reducing the chances of developing kidney-stones and gall-stones, obviously when it is consumed in moderation.

Helps in better sleep

Much like as it happens also with other alcoholic beverages and drinks, drinking a medicated serving of Tequila before bedtime helps in finding a peaceful sleep.

This happens because Tequila relaxes our neurological system and so makes us feel less anxious or stressed before going to sleep.

Detoxify our system

When Tequila is drunk with moderation, it has been observed that this drink is capable of detoxifying our circulatory system. Medicated consumption of Tequila has also been said to provide good early morning bowel movement and thus aid better evacuation of our feces.

But, as with any other alcoholic beverage consuming, indulging too much on Tequila can have adverse effects. So drinking responsibly is the best way to access the positive health benefits of this awesome spirit.

So in good fun, while drinking Tequila, always remember not to get carried away.

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