Benefits Of Telecommuting

Benefits of Telecommuting

Telecommuting involves working from a remote workplace, especially home and it has displayed increased popularity across America over the last couple of years. People generally commute in buses, trains, cars and planes to their places of work regularly. However, telecommuting eliminates this particular requirement and offers a host of other benefits.

1. Benefits the environment

Telecommuting conserves the environment through lowering the land use necessities for expanding highways and through lessening slow-moving vehicle emissions. Parking lots and highways occupy large quantities of the land nowadays. Nevertheless, if most people made use of telecommuting, existing highways can be lessened in size with parking lots being changed to parks.

2. Conserves energy

Even though the utilization of energy will grow as industries expand, efficient energy use is of crucial importance. Through telecommuting to your workplace rather than making use of conventional techniques, a huge potential for energy saving is created. This is because the production of transport equipment like automobiles, trains and buses requires lots of energy. However, when telecommuting is encouraged, there is going to be less energy required for producing or maintaining this equipment.

3. Enhances health

Telecommuting enhances an individual’s health through lowering stress linked to compromises that are usually made between work and family. It also eliminates the stress related to commuting to work and offers a good opportunity for employees to enjoy their work. In fact, telecommuting gives workers a chance to carry out their duties at home without compromising both their job productivity and family living.

4. Increases productivity

Employees usually spend most of their time on activities like commuting to work. Since telecommuting removes this particular necessity, workers can now concentrate more on their duties.

Nevertheless, telecommuting has its own shortcomings. A good example is where workers are distracted by their family issues, which can negatively impact productivity.

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