Benefits Of Teflon

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Benefits of Teflon

Teflon is an amazing heat-resistant and slippery plastic that was discovered in 1938 by a chemist called Roy Plunkett. It is commonly used in cookware, especially deep fryers, cake pans and cookie sheets. Teflon products are quite popular and normally inexpensive. The following are the main benefits of Teflon.

1. Simplifies cooking
Through preventing food from adhering onto the utensils, Teflon makes cooking simpler. Furthermore, cooking with a Teflon pan requires less oil as compared to cooking with a regular pan. This can even lead to a much healthier final product as oil normally supplies lots of calories and fat.

2. Chemical reactions
Teflon coating offers the important advantage of not being affected by any chemicals that are present close to it. While it is still advisable to consult your coating service so as to establish if they could possibly make good recommendations, in most cases, Teflon coating serves as an excellent option.

3. Heat resistant
Teflon is not only heat resistant, but it is also water resistant. Cleaning a Teflon surface is quite simple to do and water will not cause saturation of the coating. Actually, you can wipe the surface quickly clean or remove any debris in a matter of seconds. In addition, because Teflon coating has the ability of withstanding temperatures of approximately 250 degrees Celsius, it is the best option for several heat intensive uses.

4. Harmless
If Teflon coating chips and breaks, a very unlikely event, it will not result in any damage to the user’s body. Since Teflon cannot be digested, it is passed out of the body as waste. This eliminates the concern regarding getting Teflon particles in the food.
However, overheated Teflon coating may break down, releasing PTFE particles to the air. Inhaling these particles causes mild respiratory ailments in humans, but it is lethal to domesticated birds.

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