Benefits Of Technology in the Classroom

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Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

Technology like netbooks, iPhones, Twitter and Facebook are now becoming more embedded in modern culture such that most educators are looking for methods of using them in meaningful methods in class. Further down are some of the benefits that can be realized through the integration of technology in the classroom.

1. Motivates students

A student who uses technology in class usually has better rates of attendances and reduced dropout rates as compared to other students who do not make use of technology in class. This is because technology motivates and challenges learners to perform much better and also work independently. The individual work provides students more responsibility towards their work. In general, students know more concerning technology as compared to their teachers. Using technology therefore makes the learners feel more enthusiastic and energetic about their schoolwork.

2. Effective preparation for specific careers

Technology can also be used to prepare learners for specific career paths. This includes simple things like computer literacy or keyboard training for learners who are looking to do administrative or secretarial office work. Furthermore, learners who are making use of large sets of data can use Excel for managing and manipulating statistics.

3. Communication benefits

Various technology tools like e-mails and chat rooms enable students to communicate with other students across the world. Students can easily exchange ideas as well as other information, leading to the creation of a large community of students all working to accomplish similar goals.

4. Provides easy access to information

In the past, students had to go through lots of books in the library to locate information. However, with the help of technology, students can now gather information instantly. Teachers can also teach a lot more during their lessons since the internet enables students to get information more quickly.

Technology is very expensive to implement and maintain and this can affect other functions of the school as it requires more money.

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