Benefits of Taurine

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Benefits of Taurine

Taurine or essential amino acids do not occur as structural proteins in the body. Instead, they exist in the bloodstream and in tissues. Recent studies have shown that taurine play a major role in many physiological processes in the body, which help to maintain healthy weight and control obesity, as well as stable calcium level in the body.

1. Cardiovascular health

In Japan, amino acids were popularly used to prevent heart arrhythmias as well treating cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that taurine is beneficial to patients suffering from heart failure, and might also be used to treat both high cholesterol and hypertension.

2. Reduces risk of diabetes

Taurine also has antioxidant effects and combats the damaging effects of free radicals on the immune system, therefore can help prevent your risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Additionally, taurine improves production of insulin in patients with diabetes.

3. Builds body mass

If you need a dosage of taurine to support your athletic or bodybuilding activities, you need to incorporate taurine supplements into your nutrition. Taurine supplements help to eliminate fats, improve function of the immune system, and even treat infectious diseases.

4. Boosts immune system

Besides combating certain types of diseases, studies have shown that taurine also improves function of the immune system, providing protection from diseases and viral infections. Moreover, it destroys free radicals responsible for cell damage, thereby maintain cell health.

5. Prevents epileptic seizures

Taurine prevents brain cell damage and osmotic shock during intensive exercise. It also acts as an antioxidant, thereby help to reduce oxidative stress that result from vigorous exercise. Therefore, this attribute make it an ideal nutritional supplement for body builders and those who engage in strenuous activities.
Although taurine form a great nutritional plan for bodybuilding, you need to consult your doctor before taking these supplements to avoid health complications, such as brain damage.

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