Benefits Of Tai chi

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tai-chiBenefits Of Tai chi

Tai Chi which originated in China as a martial art now used as a therapeutic exercise all over the world. According to the traditional beliefs of the Eastern world, Tai chi is a vital force that flow all through the human body in pathways known as meridians. It is responsible for healthy and fit life of human. Any disruption in the flow of this life force results in ill health and causes diseases. Tai Chi can thus be defined as an exercise of the mind and the body and helps to restore the proper flow of life energy in the body, thus preventing many diseases. It is more commonly known as meditation in motions and has numerous benefits for humans.

1.Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
The slow and steady exercises lessen the speed of a racing mind. Exercises of Tai chi are meditative in nature and require full focus and concentration. They thus help to keep the mind off, from the causes of pain and tension in your life.

2.Helps to improve body balance.
Tai Chi is a progression of premeditated, slow motions of the body. Here the body weight shifts between the upper and lower parts in coordination and helps to balance the body, thus preventing falls.

3.Helps reduce back pain.
The exercises of lower and upper parts of the body and the postures stretch the muscles and strengthen them, causing relief from back pain.

4.Helps to cure many diseases.
Meditation and exercises involved in tai chi help in curing health ailments like chronic fatigue, arthritis, attention deficit disorder and asthma.

5.Helps to improve posture.
The maneuvered motions of exercises in Tai chi help in strengthening the muscles of the back. They thus help in improving the posture and making better body movements like running, walking, and standing straight. Tai Chi is a good exercise for people in desk jobs who sit for long hours and spoil their posture.

6.Helps to eliminate emotional instability.
Studies have revealed that Tai Chi exercises if performed regularly help to decrease the levels of enzyme Cortisol in the body. This decrease helps to reduce mood swings eliminates emotional instability.

7.Improves concentration.
Tai chi exercises help to identify energy centers of the body. They thus, help to improve focus and concentration in the person ultimately leading to good performance at work.

Tai chi has numerous health benefits for people but these cannot be received immediately after beginning the exercises. With passage of time and regular practice health slowly improves and the person feels more peaceful and in harmony. Health conditions improve over leading to longer life.

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