Benefits Of Tahajjud

Benefits of Tahajjud

Do you know the common virtues of Tahajjud? Many are not familiar with Tahujjud, a prayer that is done after Isha. The prayer has several rakaats that lie between one and eleven, and it is a must that you end the prayer with an odd number. For instance, you can pray 4 rakaats simultaneously and then end with odd numbers (like 1 or 3), which you did not use when praying Isha. Nevetheless, if you are not sure you will wake early enough, simply pray the witr after praying Isha, but this should not stop you from getting the benefits from narrating Tahajjud. Let’s discuss the benefits of reading Tahajjud, as it was practiced by the prophet and his confidants.

1. Identifies true believers

Allah defines the true followers as those who seek forgiveness. This shows a clear distinction between a true believer and those who are just Muslims…Surah Al-Dhariyat.

2. Mercy and forgiveness during 1/3 of the night

According to Abu Hurayrah, the Lord will descend every last 1/3 of the night, to the heavenly skies. He wants to know who is preparing du’aa to Him, so that he can respond to their requests. Who wants His forgiveness, so that He can forgive them? This was reported by Abu Hurayrah and al-Bukhari.

3. Preparation of Du’aa

If you wish the Du’aa is accepted then this is an appropriate time to for you to ask as mentioned above. He wants to know who is preparing Du’aa to Him so that He can respond to their needs.

4. Pray to Allah privately

There were huge incentives for believers to get up early in the morning and remember to pray privately (Subbhana Wa Ta’ala).

5. Believers should pray earnestly

Allah believed this time was perfect so that worshipers can eagerly wait for this time to pray sincerely and earnestly. Therefore, the worshipper has to ensure the du’aa is sincere and frequent during this time.

The tahajjud prayer gives worshippers an opportunity to ask for forgiveness by preparing du’aa to Him as a sign of faith.

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