Benefits Of Symbiosis

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Benefits of Symbiosis

Symbiosis can be described as a mutual sharing between two species. Both organisms in such a relationship benefit each other with food and protection. Some types of insects and flowering plants have formed symbiotic relationships to benefit and enrich their own species. In a symbiotic relationship between insects and flowering plants, insects assist plants reproduce whereas plants offer foods in return.

1. Prevents unhealthy competition
Animals always compete for territory and food sources. To avoid unhealthy competition with different species, an animal species has to locate an ideal niche to survive. The best way to prevent unhealthy competition is by nurturing a relationship with a specific animal species, rather than the usual predator-prey symbiotic relationship. This way, two species harmoniously share food supply as well as territory.

2. Promote interdependence
Interdependence among animal species is a basic concept of ecology. Different animal species in an environment share both food and territory for survival. For example, insect consume nectar from flowering plants. On the other hand, insect carry pollen to flowering plants. This way, both species enjoy a beneficial relationship.

3. Commensalism
This occurs when a specific animal species is vulnerable to extinction as a result of predation or inadequate means of movement. For example, Goby fish species live among sea-urchins to gain protection. In this relationship, the host benefits from the relationship and is not disadvantaged in any way.

4. Evolution
Throughout history, symbiosis has not received more attention than interactions like competition or predation. However, evolution shows that all plants and animals share a symbiotic relationship in order to survive. In fact, there is evidence to support a history of interdependence relationship between plants of different species.

There are no known disadvantages of a symbiotic relationship between two plant species because such a relationship is vital for the survival of both species.

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