Benefits Of Swallowing Assement

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Benefits of Swallowing Assement

Swallowing assement refers to a medical condition used to treat disorders such as dysphagia, caused by difficult in swallowing. Basically, swallowing takes place in three phases namely esophageal, pharyngeal and oral. However, oral preparation precedes swallowing and involves the conversion of food particles to a semisolid state. This process is often affected by poor lubrication in the salivary glands, neurological disorders and surgical effects.

1. Treats dysphagia

This is a serious condition that has serous health consequences when left untreated, not to mention the fact that it can lead to other complications. For one, it can lead to malnutrition when you are not able to swallow solid food. Therefore, swallowing assement can help you overcome the disorder as well as fear of eating solid foods.

2. Prevents dehydration

Dysphagia can also cause dehydration, especially if you fear drinking water, and beverages for that matter. If you find consumption of food a terrible experience, consult a doctor to determine whether you have underlying health problems. Moreover, addressing the problem head on is essential in improving nutritional problems.

3. Boosts the immune system

Malnutrition is the leading cause of life threatening diseases like pneumonia and may even worsen cases of pneumonia. In most cases, poor nutrition causes such problems as it weakens the immune system and allows infectious organism to thrive in the body. As a result, malnutrition sets in and worsens pneumonia, which leads to lung failure. Nonetheless, swallowing assement helps to treat the swallowing disorder, improving your overall health.

4. Reduces risk of osteoporosis

Since your body needs various nutrients to function properly, the swallowing disorder deprives essential nutrients needed by organs in the body. You become vulnerable to anemia, muscle breakdown and osteoporosis. Swallowing assement therefore help to treat the disorder, but you also need to consult a doctor to determine whether you have nutritional deficiency, which is often done through clinical exams and biochemical tests.

Swallowing assement requires trained personal and it may be costly for many. However, it is the best cure for dysphagia.

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