Benefits Of Sustainable agriculture

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agriculture-pdBenefits Of Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is an approach of farming that includes a wide range of methods of ranching and farming, which result in the benefits for farmers, their families, the environment, and farm animals. The methods involved in sustainable agriculture produces food, which is healthy for users, causes no harm to the environment, humanitarian for workers, and treats animals with respect. It also gives financial benefits to the farmers, and boosts up the rural communities.

1.Contributes to environmental conservation.
The environment plays a major role in fulfilling our basic necessities of life. It is therefore out duty to return some of these things back so that our future generations may not remain deprived. Sustainable farming helps in putting back some of these things back to the environment. This helps to replenish land and other resources like soil, water, and air to make them sufficiently available for the coming generations.

2.Prevents pollution.
When sustainable farming is carried the waste so produced remains inside the farm’s ecosystem. Thus it cannot in any way cause pollution or buildup in the external environment.

3.Reduction in cost.
Sustainable agriculture minimizes the use and cost of purchasing fossil fuel and reduces the transportation costs. This helps in reducing the overall cost involved I the process of farming.

Sustainable agriculture results in biodiversity as the farms produce different kinds of animals and plants. Plants are seasonally rotated about the fields, which results in enriched soil, prevention of diseases and outbreaks of pests.

5.Beneficial for animals.
Animals are cared for, treated humanely and with respect. All animals living in the farm are facilitated to exhibit their natural behaviors like grazing, pecking or, rooting. This helps them to grow in a natural way.

6.Economically beneficial for farmers.
When farmers engage themselves into sustainable agriculture they receive a fair wage for their effort. As a result their dependence on government subsidies is reduced, thereby strengthening the rural communities.

7.Social equality.
When sustainable agriculture is practiced workers are offered competitive salaries and benefits. They are treated with humanity; provided with safe work environment, food and proper living conditions.

8.Beneficial for environment.
Sustainable agriculture decreases the use of non-renewable environmental resources and is thus quite beneficial for the environment.

This special type of agriculture and farming technique makes utmost use of the environment and that too without causing any harm to it. Products obtained do not contain any inorganic chemicals like insecticides and pesticides. All these factors make sustainable agriculture a preferred choice of farmers all over the world.

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