Benefits Of Sunshine

Benefits of Sunshine

Even though it is recommended to avoid overexposure to sunshine, spending some time in the sun offers some benefits. In fact, sunshine has beneficial effects on our skin, health and mood as well. The following are other benefits of sunshine.

1. Prevents cancer

The production of vitamin D takes place when sun rays interact with the skin. Vitamin D is vital for building strong teeth as it helps in calcium absorption. In addition, this vitamin also helps to prevent various cancers such as prostate, lung, ovarian, colon and breast cancers. Actually, health experts recently discovered that vitamin D deficiency also contributes to these kinds of cancer. Getting adequate sunshine therefore helps to combat cancer.

2. Enhances sleep

Sunshine has a positive effect on a person’s quality of sleep. The lack of sleep is responsible for causing several health complications. For instance, sleep deprivation leads to enhanced risk of depression, obesity, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. Sitting in the sun may assist in resetting our internal clocks responsible for regulating sleep. Enhanced sleep lowers fatigue throughout the day, enhances alertness and boosts productivity.

3. Treats skin complications

Sunshine is prescribed in herbal medicine for treating certain skin complications like eczema, acne and psoriasis. Vitamin D produced when a person sits in the sun might even assist to slow the ageing process and prevent skin cancer. However, people who utilize sunlight for treating skin complications ought to take caution as excess exposure may be harmful.

4. Cures seasonal affective disorder

This is a form of depression which occurs in people with limited exposure to sunshine and bright light, usually during winter. Sunshine is utilized for curing this disorder as it increases melatonin and serotonin content.

Sunshine has a few shortcomings also. For example, it may cause uncomfortable sunburns if an individual spends lots of time in the sun.

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