Benefits of Subway

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The subway plays a major role in the transport system. A subway can act like a parameter, while showing the economic development of a city. It is a reasonable and fast way of transportation, and is imperative in fast city lives.

1. Subway is easy on the pocket

The subway is an extremely important mode of transportation for the working people. It makes your travel fast and hassle-free. People who want to reach their destination on time without spending a lot of money to use the subway. This mode of transportation is extremely reasonable. One does not have to empty his/her pockets to travel far distances. With the rising fuel prices the subway is the right choice for travelling.

2. Connects far off places

The fact that it connects distant places helps people to travel long distances without spending a lot. People do not have to sit in long traffic jams for hours. Because the subway is underground it’s free from any kind of traffic, which helps connect distances faster.

3. Helps in raising government funds

This generates a lot of employment, as running a subway requires a lot of manpower which provides a boost to the economy. Many countries keep a minimum amount of fare for maintenance purposes which indirectly helps the state fund.

4. Eco-friendly

It is environmentally friendly. Unlike most modes of transportation, the subway does not adversely affect the environment. Moreover it is free from noise pollution, which is great. People prefer subways to buses or other vehicles, because they are not subjected to the constant honking of cars and shouting of drivers; the subway is quite peaceful.

5. Safe for travelling

There are many cameras and close circuit televisions in the subway stations. This makes travelling in the subway much more reliable and safe, especially for women.

The subways have their own disadvantages as well; one of the major disadvantages is the crowd. Just because there are so many advantages to taking the subway, more people are inclined to board it. This gives rise to a lot of chaos and crowd. Another problem is that people are in very close proximity; this helps thieves in executing their job. Plus, it can give rise to viral infections. With or without these minor defects, the subway is a great way to travel; it helps in reaching places faster and without much hassle.

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